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Why do we seek a new self in the new year?

Across the world, people have celebrated New Year for many thousands of years.

After the winter solstice, as the days start to get longer again, the coming New Year can feel like a time of rebirth. In some cultures the period leading up to New Year is a time to set things straight and wash the slate clean. People clean and clear out their houses ready for a fresh start.

And in many more cultures it’s traditional for people to make resolutions or set goals to improve their lives. Like a global click of the reset button, New Year is a time to let go of the past and make way for something new.

Why we make New Year’s resolutions

Because New Year is such a clear beginning, we see it as a chance to begin anew and make a fresh start. It’s also a time when we reflect, look back and assess how we did over the previous twelve months. A time when we resolve to do better, to do more of the things that are good for us and less of the things that aren’t.

New year is as much about losing bad habits or traits as it is about gaining more positive ones. It’s a time when we seek change so we can leave behind what we’re not happy with and move forward in a more positive way, being and doing more of what we love.

This is why when we make a New Year’s resolution most of us resolve to improve ourselves in some way. This is a uniquely human trait. We’re the only animals with the desire and capacity to try and improve ourselves. So making a New Year’s resolution is a perfectly natural thing for us to do.

Yet New Year’s resolutions often have a bad press, probably because many people don’t keep them up for very long. But we shouldn’t let that put us off what is an ancient and very social tradition.

What New Year represents

New Year represents hope. It’s a time filled with all the optimism of a fresh start when we can become a better version of ourselves and live a life more like the one we’ve been striving for. And because how we look and feel are so closely connected, we often resolve to live fitter, healthier and more active lives. Because when we look better we feel better.

So New Year is a powerful time that can signal the start of something fresh and positive in your life. Why not start this New Year by making sure you look your very best, to help you feel your very best.

You can easily support a long-term fitness plan with a quick win such as a non-surgical beauty treatment. This can give you the confidence you need to kickstart the year in the way you mean to go on.

Whatever you resolve to do in the coming year, I wish you every success. I hope you enjoy a very happy and healthy 2019.

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