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We often forget about our hands, but in fact they are constantly on show and apart from our face, the backs of our hands can show the most visible signs of skin aging. As we age, skin on the hands can lose fat, becoming thin and bony, with prominent veins. Age spots, fine lines and wrinkles change the look and feel of the hands. Hand rejuvenation with a combination of dermal fillers and skin peeling is an effective treatment for volume rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation.

If you can say yes to any of the points below, you may be a good candidate for hand rejuvenation...

  • If your hands are starting to show signs of ageing
  • The backs of your hands have developed wrinkles and fine lines
  • You notice that your hands have lost volume and roundness, appearing bony and thin
  • You notice prominent veins on the back of your hands
  • You have sun spots, age spots or pigmentation (dark patches)

A hand treatment with dermal fillers is a non-invasive procedure that requires little down time. It is a walk-in-walk-out procedure and can be completed within 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the extent of area treated. The injections are made between the spaces of the fingers; usually between the second and third fingers, and the third and fourth fingers.
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Treatments for making the hands look younger with an even skin tone...

Hand treatments in Bristol
  • Dermal Fillers

    Increasing the volume of the subcutaneous tissues of the hand with dermal fillers like hyaluronic acid will address the majority of changes of the ageing hand. The veins and tendons will become less prominent and muscle wasting is disguised and the skin texture and appearance is improved.

    Dermal fillers will not address arthritic nodules on the fingers or the skin pigment and quality changes that occur with age.
  • Medical Skin Peels

    Medical skin peels are often used to rejuvenate the skin in a general way on the backs of the hands, as they improve the texture, firmness and elasticity of the skin and help to reduce abnormal pigmentation. With darker brown spots a stronger peel can be applied.

    A few days after treatment, the brown spots will dry and darken. They should then flake-off leaving new, fresh skin underneath. This will be slightly pink at first but will go back your normal skin tone in a short space of time.
  • Mesotherapy

    For Thin, dry Skin and lost volume, mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is very effective at rejuvenating the skin on the backs of the hands. It is particularly effective for improving thin, dry 'crêpey' skin and restoring lost volume.

    After effective mesotherapy treatment, the hands will be plump, firm and smooth again and will look many years younger. Initially two to three treatments will be required at approximately monthly intervals.

    Maintenance treatment should then be given between once and twice a year to maintain the results.
  • Skin care for hands

    As Julie is a skin expert, she will advise you on products that are effective for rejuvenation of the skin on the backs of the hands. You can buy Neostrata products (www.neostrata.com) from JBCOSMETIC. These are effective dermatologically tested and proven products that you cannot get on the high street.
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