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Available in Bristol, Bath and a range of clinics in the South West, Dermaroller is a safe and increasingly popular skin renewal technique that restores the healthy, youthful appearance of your skin with minimal downtime.

What is Dermaroller™ used for?

  • Acne scarring and scar repair
  • Facial and décolletage (upper chest) lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • To reduce the appearance of ageing hands

How does a Dermaroller™ work?

A high quality titanium Dermaroller™ is rolled over the skin to create thousands of miniscule contact points, leaving your body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate and repair the skin for a smoother, younger looking appearance and to improve the above indications.

What happens during the Dermaroller™ treatment?

A detailed consultation is carried out at the Bristol or Bath clinic and a topical or surface anaesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect the skin is “rolled” and this typically takes 30-40 minutes.

Does it hurt?

Although you may experience some mild discomfort throughout, this is kept to a minimum with the application of anaesthetic cream prior to treatment.

What happens after Dermaroller™ treatment

After the procedure, your skin will be red and flushed in appearance, similar to moderate sunburn. Dermaroller™ is much less invasive than popular lasers and skin peels , meaning healing time is much shorter. You can resume normal daily activities within just two days and for some it can be less than this. For 2 weeks post treatment it is advised that you use an oxygenating cream is applied twice a day followed by a moisturising sun protection cream. Once the skin has been treated, the repair (regeneration) process takes time – it can take 2 weeks for visible signs of improvement but the process will continue over several months providing a gradual and long lasting enhancement.

How many treatments of Dermaroller™ are needed?

Improvement can be seen from 6 - 12 weeks following treatment, with results continuing to improve for up to a year or more. A minimum course of 3 treatments is recommended at 4-6 week intervals to achieve optimum results.

What results can I expect Dermaroller™?

Results can be seen progressively, with many clients noticing a marked improvement in their skin after 2 -3 sessions. Results include:
  • Improvement in skin texture
  • Reduction of large pores
  • Softening of acne scarring
  • Smoothed wrinkles and lines

Dermaroller™ is one of the few skin therapies that is suitable to treat all skin types regardless of colour or sensitivity although it should not be used whilst acne is still active. It is proven to be effective on all areas of the body including the face, neck and décolletage.

How do I look after my skin afterwards?

You will be provided with a home kit that is included in the package and will accelerate the rejuvenation process, taking your journey to beautiful skin quicker and easier than ever. JBCOSMETIC will also make additional recommendations during the treatment in Bristol or Bath, based on your specific needs in order to optimise results. You will receive a free home starter pack when you purchase a treatment course. If you wish, to optimise results and supplement your treatment in clinic, Julie will advise on how you can use your own titanium Dermaroller™ alongside a tailored product regime in the comfort of your own home.
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