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How can working from a laptop or PC make frown lines worse?

You’re working from home on your laptop, reading an important document the boss has sent you, and you’re concentrating so hard…that you’ve got those tell-tale frown lines between your eyes.

How often do you do that? The more often you do, the more likely it is that you’ll develop a distinctive 11 between your eyebrows.

These frown lines, also called the glabellar lines, can take years of doing the same things to build up.

What causes frown lines?

They’re caused by frowning or focusing intently while reading or listening.

They can also be caused by someone with poor eyesight having the wrong lenses or refusing to wear their glasses or contacts. That can contribute to the contraction of the muscles which deepen the lines. As we age and lose elasticity in our skin, frown lines can deepen and become more prominent on the face.

Why are they glabellar lines?

They occur in the glabellar complex, a group of muscles associated with the eyebrows and which are key muscles for facial expression.

These muscles include the depressor supercilii, corrugator supercilii, procerus, and the medial part of the orbital orbicularis oculi.

Moving these muscles creates vertical frown lines above the inner corner of the brows and eyes.

How can we combat these frown lines?

There are several practical things we can do to combat these frown lines and make our face appear more youthful.

We can ensure we have the right optical prescription so that we aren’t squinting when we read things, and we can make a conscious effort not to frown when we’re concentrating.

When working from home, it’s also important to have the right lighting for our IT equipment and have the correct set up for our chair and desk to ensure we’re the optimal distance from our laptop or PC screen.

What sort of treatments are available?

We can relax the glabellar muscles with anti-wrinkle treatments. They help to prevent lines or soften existing lines by reducing the impact of our habit on our skin.

As these muscles are so important for facial expression, it’s vital that any anti-wrinkle treatment is carried out by an experienced professional with a good knowledge of the physiology of the face.

Most people who have these treatments are looking for a natural appearance and want to avoid a ‘frozen face’ which cannot express emotions well. So, understanding where to place injections in these muscles is so important.

The effects of these treatments last between three and six months.

Deep frown lines might also benefit from dermal fillers which would plump up the skin in the area, smooth out the lines, and reduce their depth. Hyaluronic acid fillers gradually disappear and their effects fade between six and 18 months after treatment.

A consultation with an experienced aesthetic practitioner will give you all the options available.

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