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Getting to know Nurse Julie Brackenbury with Style of the City Magazine


JB Cosmetic brings advanced cosmetic injection techniques and results to South Wales. Nurse Practitioner, Julie Brackenbury offers a range of safe anti-ageing treatments using the very latest technology to defy the ageing process. She combines clinical skill and artistic flair with ethical practice for natural looking results.


About Nurse Julie

Julie is one of the most experienced and expert aesthetic practitioner nurses in the UK with a keen interest in women’s health and wellbeing. She has more than 10 years of experience as an anti-ageing injector and has helped thousands of women and men improve their lines and wrinkles over the decade. She sits on the editorial board for the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing and the Dermatological Nursing Journal and is the author of more than 30 published peer reviewed articles.


Tatler’s top ten

Nurse Julie was listed as one of the top ten aesthetic nurse practitioner’s in the UK in 2016 in their non-surgical aesthetic guide.

“A background in women’s health makes Julie Brackenbury (A former British Association of Cosmetic Nurses board member) excellent company if you are considering having work done.”

‘Empathy is a big part of what we do, so is listening,’ she says. ‘Women and men want to feel good about themselves – there’s lots of emotion involved. ‘


Ethical practice

Nurse Julie is renowned for her ethical approach to non-surgical aesthetic treatments and in 2012 was commended for this by Dame Esther Rantzen at the British Journal of Nursing awards.


The conscious consultation

Nurse Julie offers an in-depth consultation to understand how she can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. She believes that looking at the person behind the patient and using a holistic approach is absolute key to the success of your outcome. It maybe that you go away after the consultation and have a cooling off period, which is good clinical practice. Nurse Julie does not treat everyone who she sees; “Sometimes, it may not be the right time for someone to have a non-surgical injectable treatment” in addition she says “some treatments are just not suitable”


Less is more

Less really is more Julie says; “There is no doubt that less is definitely more and the best results I have seen are from administering treatments over time. There is a reason why some people tend to look overdone, and one of the reasons is because of having treatments too often. Another reason is that they may not be receiving the right product”


What is the latest advancement in nonsurgical injection procedures?

Julie says; “Ageing skin loses its structural proteins (collagen and elastin), which causes it to begin to sag and loose it’s elasticity, therefore contributing to a tired and aged look. Collagen loss actually begins at around age 25, and by some estimates, we will have lost up to 30% by the time we are 45. By using collagen biostimulator dermal fillers, you can reverse ageing, have a natural look and delay face lifting surgery”


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