Sagging skin on the jowls is probably one of the most common tell-tale signs of ageing. Underlying changes in the skin, particularly the decrease in collagen production are major contributing factors to jowl formation. Beginning in a person’s late twenties, the body starts to lose volume in the form of fat, muscle and bone. The cheeks and cheekbones are the support structure of the face and as we lose volume, our cheeks flatten and our skin sags.

What is a “jowl?”

The term jowl refers to the lower part of a person’s cheek, especially when there is fleshy, sagging, droopy skin in the area. This is a very common condition that occurs with aging, and results from a combination of skin laxity and volume loss.

When do the jowls start to show?

Jowls affect both men and women and typically it is more noticeable from the 40’s onwards but we also see it developing in younger patients.  It’s caused by skin and fat drooping lower as we get older and contributes to shadows around the mouth.

What happens during the procedure?

It depends on the treatment that you have so it is better to have a consultation with Nurse Julie to determine the best treatment option for you.

What non-surgical treatments does Nurse Julie offer to help reduce jowls?

Nurse Julie offers a range of treatments for the jowl area – which one will depend on the type of jowl you have. These include:

Dermal Fillers – help to lift, plump and overall rejuvenate the jowl area.

Profhilo® improves skin tone, radiance & increases firmness for healthier, softer skin.

Anti-wrinkle – injections can be placed in the neck and muscle around the mouth to assist in the reduction of the jowls.

Treatment Summary


Results may vary from person to person




Immediately – 1 day (depending on treatment)


30 mins


3 months to 2 years (depending on product used)

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Please note - Upon booking a consultation we require your D.O.B and a £25 deposit payment. This is redeemable against any treatment carried out.