We can now very successfully correct the problems of lower eye bags, dark circles or a loss of volume in the area below the eye with the application of hyaluronic acid fillers.

How do I go about asking for advice from Nurse Julie about my eye bags?

On making an enquiry to Nurse Julie about non-surgical eye bag removal, you will be required to send a photo of the area so she can assess the complaint. It maybe that she will still need to see you for a consultation before deciding.

The word “eye bag” has a multitude of meanings in the medical cosmetic world and sometimes, a patient is just not suitable for treatment using dermal filler. Nurse Julie will be transparent and honest with you, advising accordingly and recommend the next course of action for you.

Why have I got eye bags?

In terms of skin complaints, eye bags are amongst the most common. They can make you look tired, dull and older than your years. Many patients complain that they think they look tired when they have lots of sleep and even mention that others comment on how “tired” they look. This area can be referred as a “hollow” tear trough and is usually a result of the ageing process, but they can also appear in younger people due to genetic predisposition or a variety of lifestyle and environmental factors, such as excessive sun damage.  It’s a very frustrating complaint for some patients and they often feel it affects their quality of life and confidence.

Why do eye bags become darker and hollower over time?

The reason that the area under the eyes becomes darker and hollower over time is due to a decrease of the collagen in the upper part of the cheeks and corners of the face. As these structures loose volume, the area under the eyes (called the tear trough) loses support and dark circles appear as the blood supply under the skin becomes more visible.

What are undereye dermal fillers?

Under-eye fillers are an effective way of restoring volume to the eye area and reducing the appearance of hollow eyes. Dermal fillers also hydrate the skin from the inside, leading to improvements in skin quality and collagen production.

What are the results like?

The more suitable the area is for treatment, the better the result and Nurse Julie would describe this result as “airbrushed”. Good results have a real wow factor.

How is the procedure performed?

Nurse Julie uses a cannula as this method causes less trauma to the skin and decreases the risk of bruising. However, there is still a risk of bruising with any injectable treatment.

Will the treatment hurt?

No, most patients have reported that the treatment is tolerable and numbing cream isn’t required but of course you can have numbing cream on request.

Treatment Summary


Results may vary from person to person




Immediately – 1 day*


30 mins


12 months to 5 years


Not suitable if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, have an autoimmune condition, have severe allergies, bleeding disorders or active infections at the injection site. Nurse Julie will factor in any other relevant conditions during the consultation.

*Assuming no bruising.
**Depending on severity, some patients may require further treatment at the time.

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Please note - Upon booking a consultation we require your D.O.B and a £25 deposit payment. This is redeemable against any treatment carried out.