There was a time when only a surgical facelift or cheek implants could assist with loss of facial volume. Now, thanks to major medical advances in cosmetic medicine we have a number of highly effective, non-surgical options.

When seeking cheek augmentation, there are three different types that Nurse Julie offers:

Subtle look

Cheekbone enhancement

Fuller look

Why have I lost volume in my cheeks?

As we age our skin loses collagen and fat resulting in a changed facial contour. The cheeks can become hollow and skin can sag, resulting in an overly-aged, drawn appearance. Other reasons people seek cheek augmentation are to correct flatness, asymmetry, or to improve the overall balance of their facial shape. Cheek fillers are also an ideal treatment to create definition to the cheeks after weight-loss or illness.

What is cheek enhancement?

Cheek enhancement is a procedure designed to replace volume loss in the cheeks. The loss of volume causes a flattening out of the mid face and by augmentation of this area, it can create a lift, eliminating sagging and adding a more youthful definition.

How much dermal filler will I need?

 The amount of dermal filler required will vary from person to person, depending on the amount of volume loss to begin with and the degree of enhancement desired. There are also options to have longer lasting fillers that are slightly more expensive initially, but can provide better value in the long term.


What are the advantages of cheek enhancement?

One of the main advantages of treating the cheeks is that it creates a lift to face and can reduce the nasolabial lines. In addition, the shape of the face can be reverted to a youthful ‘upside down triangle’ appearance.

What happens during the consultation?

Nurse Julie will assess your facial structure, discussing expectations with you and determine which product will work best for your facial shape.

When will I see the results?

You will see results immediately and the results improve quite significantly over a period of time.

What Results Can I Expect?

The skilled, precise injection of dermal filler around the cheek area gently lifts and rounds them and gives them back their prominence in balance with the rest of the face.

Treatment Summary


Results may vary from person to person




Immediately – 1 day (depending on areas treated)


30 - 40 mins


18 months to 3 years

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