As we age, the skin of the neck can become loose and develop wrinkles and can reveal a woman’s age just as easily as her hands.

What are the features of an ageing neck?

As the skin on the neck is thinner than that of the face it is prone to the wear and tear of ageing. The neck’s skin also has different collagen content, meaning that there is little soft support for the skin’s structure. Key features of an ageing neck include:

– Lax skin that appears soft and loose
– Multiple horizontal wrinkles, lines and folds
– Vertical bands

What is the décolletage area?

The décolletage is the French terminology to describe the upper part of a woman’s torso, comprising her neck, shoulders, back and chest, that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing.

Why have I got lines on my neck?

The décolletage area presents a significant aesthetic concern for many women.  It is one of the most prone areas to age on the body as it is more delicate and doesn’t produce as much oil due to fewer hair follicles.

Why have I got cleavage wrinkles?

Cleavage wrinkles are deep, vertical creases that appear as the skin becomes older and thinner. There are various physical causes for them appearing more prominent.

Why are women in their 40’s and 50’s more prone to neck lines?

It is because of the hormonal changes relating to the menopause and oestrogen deficiency, women of this age are more prone to ageing in this area. These changes result in an accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin, leading to skin thinning and dryness.

What are the treatments for a wrinkly neck?

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections
Dermal fillers
Ellanse collagen dermal fillers
Hydration injections

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