Forehead Lines

With modern day stresses on the skin, lack of sleep or over animation of the muscles, deep lines can appear on the forehead making you look tired, stressed, angry or aged. With careful placement of muscle relaxant injections, Nurse Julie can help soften these lines whist maintaining your natural facial expressions and feminine or masculine features.

Why have I got forehead lines?

The ageing process plays a big part in forming wrinkles. Over time, shrinkage of facial bone structure, loss of collagen, reaction to emotion, reduced skin elasticity and gravity cause forehead wrinkles. However, the overall cause is mainly due to the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin plus years of exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun – this is why it is so important to wear sun protection factor (SPF 50) every day. Other contributing factors to this process include; smoking, genetics and skin type. Anti-wrinkle injections can significantly reduce forehead lines without surgery. It’s important to know that you can develop frown lines no matter how good a skin routine you have.

What is the treatment for forehead lines?

Cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections.

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