Dark circles under the eyes are concern for many people, as it tends to be the first thing people notice when making eye contact and can often give patients a fatigued appearance, despite them having enough rest. In Nurse Julie’s experience, treatment for this area has an extremely high satisfaction rating as it provides an instant ‘freshness’ that many people with the cosmetic defect desire.

Dark circles can affect an individual’s emotional well-being, quality of life and create unwanted attention as unfortunately, some people think it is acceptable to comment on how “tired” you may look when you are not tired in the least! Dark under-eye circles can affect a wide range of ages and races – both men and women. Unfortunately, dark circles under the eye can worsen with the aging process of skin sagging and altered fat distribution.

What causes under-eye dark circles?

The number one reason we see dark circles under the eyes is because of the volume loss in the tear trough area (the grooves that sit between the lower eyelid and the cheeks). In addition, some people are born with less fat in the under-eye area and therefore have a more noticeable indentation commonly referred to as a tear trough hollow. With a dark under-eye circle, this can emphasise this cosmetic concern. Other factors that can cause under-eye dark circles include; pigmentation (dark patches on the skin), shadowing due to skin laxity, genetics. Beyond genetics, we can look to lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, allergies, dehydration that can affect the under-eye area.

When should I start having treatment for the dark circles underneath my eyes?

Nurse Julie recommends that you should make an appointment for a consultation when it starts to affect your quality of life and to the point you start to feel self-conscious about the area.

What are the benefits of treating dark under eye circles?

There are a number of benefits including a younger, fresher, less tired-looking appearance with natural-looking results, make up goes on better, or at the least you won’t have to wear make up to cover them, improved confidence and quality of life.

How can dark circles under the eye be treated?

Nurse Julie treats dark circles under the eye with a dermal filler that focuses on dark pigment located in the tear trough area (under the eye). It also targets “sad” or “tired” looking eyes which results in natural and long-lasting results.

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