What can happen to my chin with ageing?

Particularly with females, there can be significant changes with the chin appearance over time. These changes can result in a line that looks like a half circle or full circle on the chin itself. We also all lose some bone as we age, and as our jawbone shrinks, we start to notice jowls and a more sagging chin

Why is my chin not defined?

An under formed or weak chin can be genetic or simply, ageing or in other cases a facial accident/deformity at birth

How can having dermal fillers in my chin help?

By having a specialist treatment in this area can enhance the overall appearance of the chin and is an excellent way to shape and create a more symmetrical profile. Dermal fillers can also be used on the chin and its surrounding area to stiffen the skin and define the chin and jowl area, making it appear stronger.  It can also lengthen and enhance ones lower facial appearance creating a more balanced profile

What does the treatment involve?

Nurse Julie will numb the area with a numbing cream or numbing injections and then inject the dermal filler directly in the chin or around the area itself.  The placement of each injection will vary depending on your facial shape and the look you are aiming to achieve

Treatment Summary


Topical and/or local


Immediately – 1 day (depending on treatment)




Topical and/or local


Results may vary from person to person

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