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Are your hands beginning to give away your age? Here’s what you can do…

Do your hands suffer from age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, or dry skin?

Do they appear to be ageing faster than your face?

As we grow older, we lose collagen and elastin, the substances which make our skin resilient to its environment and which resist the signs of the ageing process.

So, the skin on our hands begins to look thinner, we develop age spots as our hands show sun damage, and our skin becomes more lined. Eventually, we develop looser, wrinkled skin on our hands.

Why does collagen production slow down as we age?

After age of 20, the skin’s dermis loses 1% of its collagen production for every year and this is known as intrinsic ageing.

Our skin’s exfoliation process also slows down in our twenties and we lose moisture in our skin in our thirties.

By the time we’re in our forties, our skin is losing its elasticity.

This intrinsic ageing is combined with ageing from external factors like the sun and pollution.

What can we do to prevent ageing hands?

Protect them from sun damage – Use an SPF 30 to 50 sunscreen on your hands every day to prevent damage from UVB rays. That will help slow down the development of dark age spots and lines. Vitamin C creams and serums also help prevent ageing from sun damage.

Keep moisture in the skin – Our hands wash us, wash dishes, and go outside in the wind and cold, so keeping moisture in them is particularly important. Our skin also loses moisture as we age. Invest in an effective moisturiser which helps to prevent that loss. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep more than 1,000 times its weight in water within the skin’s cells, so look for creams using it.

Use the same products you use on your face – Use your antioxidant serums on your hands and ensure they are exfoliated regularly to produce fresh, smooth skin. Make your hands part of your daily skin routine.

How can we treat the signs of ageing on our hands?

Age spots can be remove using an intense pulsed light treatment which breaks down the unwanted pigment which is then removed by the body.

Dermal fillers are also useful to help your hands regain a youthful look. They can be used to help the skin look plumper and fuller, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The effects of hyaluronic acid fillers, for example, last for up to 18 months. They are gradually absorbed into the body.

Some dermal fillers also work to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. They work immediately and produce a longer-lasting effect for between one and four years.

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