What was the most popular treatment of 2014 for JBCOSMETIC?

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The answer is…..

Lip augmentation.

Julie has seen a huge increase in lip augmentation requests in the last year.

The next question is .. why ?

Julie says;

“Celebrity culture has played a significant part in popularising lip augmentation procedures, as voluptuous lips are often portrayed as a symbol of youth and associated with sex appeal and romance in Hollywood films. Moreover, we have seen a huge increase in reality shows that demonstrate that non-surgical procedures have lost their taboo culture, thus the overall message is acceptance rather than disapproval.  Just as no two faces are alike, no two lip shapes are alike either. Practitioners should assess each patient’s needs and design aesthetic as it relates to the lower face and lips before putting together an injection plan for their lips. Treatment should then be carried out according to the patient’s anatomical structures for a successful, beautiful outcome”

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