What are the benefits of non-surgical procedures?

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No one likes the prospect of ageing, but most of us like the prospect of going under the knife to correct it even less. The problem is that we all seem to age faster on the outside than on the inside. One moment, we’re in our mid-twenties, kicking butt at work and on top of our social lives, and the next we’re staring in the mirror at a person who has lines around her mouth and a droop in the jaw – and we’re sure that wasn’t there yesterday.


As we get older and we notice the signs of elastin and collagen slowing down, cosmetic surgery is the one thought bubble that consistently pops up. These two building blocks are the culprits of ageing, because as they begin to slow down, our skin shows the effects.


What Are The Signs Of Ageing?

There are many, and most of us don’t want to see them at the age of 25. However, it’s the later part of your twenties is when you notice those signs begin to develop. Below, you’ll find some of the signs of ageing that you didn’t want, but know are inevitable anyway:

  • Increased lines and wrinkles in the face that slowly deepen over time.
  • Sagging skin around the jawline that feels looser
  • Sagging jowls that you feel wobbling
  • Skin folds developing on the neck
  • Loose skin on the inner and outer thigh
  • Creases in the skin across the body
  • Thinner skin


You can buy lotions and potions from the supermarkets and beauty stores that promise to slow down all of these signs, tightening the skin and shooting rainbows out of the wrinkles in your brow line. The thing is, while you can always benefit from a skincare routine that will hit all the spots night and day, the transformation just isn’t enough to be dramatic and achieve the results that you want.


Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

If you can’t stomach going under the knife for a big procedure, you could benefit from a non-surgical treatment. These can range from dermal fillers and dermaroller, to eye bag removal and anti-wrinkle treatments. An increasing number of people are turning toward this type of treatment as opposed to the face lifts on the market, and there are plenty of reasons for it. These are listed below:

  • Less Pain. Minimally invasive procedures means that there is very minimal pain with a procedure such as these. Numbing creams and local anaesthetic are used instead of general anaesthetic, which makes a huge difference to pain and a quicker recovery.
  • Quick Procedure. Most non-surgical cosmetic procedures can be done in less than an hour, which is why people choose to book in quick treatments over lunch.
  • Low Risk. There is a far lower risk of a chemical peel compared to a face lift, and without general anaesthesia, there is less complication and infection risk.
  • Excellent Results. Non-surgical procedures offer great results, and while these are not permanent, you get the ‘quick fix’ look you wanted with a lower price tag.

If you want to discuss any of the treatments that you are interested in, give JB Cosmetic a call today.


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