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Skin boosters can help hydrate your skin for a radiant glow whilst improving skin elasticity and helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Skin boosters are natural gels used in aesthetic treatments to treat the overall condition of your skin. Based on a hyaluronic acid gel closely resembling your body's own, skin boosters are designed to balance the nutritional environment of the skin

Treatments hydrate the skin and are perfect for treating the face, lips hands, neck and décolletage, where over exposure to the sun can cause premature ageing  

Types of Skin Booster product used

Restylane Vital: An obvious choice for skin areas that take on a dehydrated appearance with over exposure to the sun. These areas typically include;

  • The face
  • The décolletage
  • The backs of hands
Restylane Lip Refresh: a unique product designed for lip hydration and to improve and restore vitality to dry lips Restylane Vital Light: Specifically designed to treat less photo damaged (sun damaged skin) , sensitive and thinner skin thinner areas of the skin areas such as;

  • Crows feet around the eyes
  • Peri-oral area around the top lip
  • The backs of hands where skin is thinner
  • The neck
  • The décolletage where skin is thinner

What happens during treatment?

A series of tiny injections are made resulting in improved skin tone and skin elasticity  

Will it hurt?

The needle used for the administration of skin boosters is very thin and the procedure is made more comfortable with 0.3% anaesthetic lidocaine. Julie is very gentle in her technique and will be able to inform you more about the procedure at your consultation

When will I see an improvement?

Visible improvements to the skin can be seen after an initial course of treatments tailored personally to you  

What else can skin boosters do?

Skin boosters are also clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and reduce surface skin roughness  

How many treatments will I need?

Julie recommends an initial course of 3 treatments, each approximately 4 weeks apart is recommended with a follow up treatment
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