Introducing Perfectha dermal fillers

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Would you like a fresh look without invasive surgery?

If you’re looking for same-day results which last up to 18 months, it’s time to consider Perfectha’s tailor-made hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.
The “Made in France” fillers are an excellent choice for correcting wrinkles, contouring the face, and restoring the volume of the skin.
Perfectha fillers have been registered and launched in more than 70 countries and they have had a CE mark for European countries and the EU since 2007.

What does hyaluronic acid do?

There is a very good reason that many beauty products contain hyaluronic acid.
This natural substance which is found in the skin holds in moisture and cushions and brings together the key parts of the skin, elastin and collagen.
It supports the shape and structure of the face.
It also helps to create a barrier against any microorganisms which find their way into the skin.

How is it affected by ageing?

As we mature, the amount of hyaluronic acid the body produces falls.
By our mid-forties, we’re only producing half of the amount which the body needs.
Add to that the fact that a third of our hyaluronic acid is used or degrades every day, and you can see that the way the acid plumps the skin decreases over time.As we age, the skin becomes looser and it begins to sag, wrinkles develop and contours are less defined.

So, how do Perfectha dermal fillers help?

Perfectha’s hyaluronic acid fillers inject that key ingredient back into the skin to plump and smooth it, giving you a younger appearance and a fresher look.
Wrinkles and lines are softened and reduced and the skin looks more supple. The face’s structures are supported and the fillers keep the skin hydrated.
They can be used to help facial contouring, to hydrate the lips, and to plump the nose and ear lobes.
The fillers are a less costly and less invasive option to surgery and there is little recovery time needed.
Because the dermal fillers are made with a natural ingredient already found in the skin, there is a lower risk of an allergic reaction to them.

What’s the treatment process?
You’ll meet Nurse Julie for an initial consultation and she will talk through your goals and medical history.The effects are visible almost immediately and last for 6-18 months. The results will look natural.It’s recommended that you don’t apply make up for 24 hours and you avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures, saunas, and UV exposure for up to two weeks.

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