What is the difference between Anti-wrinkle injection (Botox®)  and dermal fillers?

  Botox® and dermal fillers are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures around right now. Both are typically provided through injections, and neither are surgical procedures. Many people believe that the two things are similar, but they’re far from it.   As a...

What are the benefits of non-surgical procedures?

No one likes the prospect of ageing, but most of us like the prospect of going under the knife to correct it even less. The problem is that we all seem to age faster on the outside than on the inside. One moment, we’re in our mid-twenties, kicking butt at work and on top of our...

treatments for dark circles under the eye

Dark circles around the eyes aren’t easy to live with, but they can be managed and reduced with time and patience. These particular treatments make up a significant portion of the skincare market and there’s a good reason for it. Shadows under the eyes don’t give someone the...

Julie Brackenbury is featured in the London Metro discussing safety

“I am now left with very loose skin’: These people tell us why they regret having cosmetic surgery” Fiona Thomas from the Metro spoke to Cosmetic Nurse Julie Brackenbury who said “when it comes to cosmetic procedures, patients often feel not listened too.  Julie...
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